"Public Art in the Pike Place Market"

Seattle Washington USA

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Letters of Support : "Public Art in the Pike Place Market" Seattle Washington

Adrian DeCoster /The Women's Hall of Fame at the Pike Place Marke / Level 3 of Down Under
City of Seattle / Mayor Paul Schell
Chizu Omori / nwearth@premier1.net
· Connie So/ Lecturer/University of Washington Ethnic Studies


· David Ishii/David Ishii Bookseller/Seattle Washington
· Ed Suguro/Historian of Japanese Americans of the PacificNorthwest Region , Volunteer at the Wing Luke Asian Museum

· Esther H. Mumford/Publisher of Nonfiction works of History and Culture/Ananse Press
Helen Gilbert/Managing Editor/Red Letter Press


· Karen Yoshitomi/Regional Director/Pacific Northwest District Council/Japanese American Citizens League


· Karl L. Hutterer/Director/Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture


· Louis Fiset/Author of Imprisoned Apart: The World War II Correspondence of an Issei Couple. (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1997)


· Marlys Erickson/Executive Director/The Market Foundation /Pike Place Market
· Michael J Herschensohn, Ph.D./Director/ Museum of History and Industry

· Sumie Suguro
· Patty Murray/United States Senator


· Rachael McClinton/Artistic Director/Living Voices


· Roberto Maestas/Executive Director/El Centro de la Raza
· Ron Chew Director/Wing Luke Asian Museum


· Rose Nohara/President/Lake Washington Japanese American Citizens League


· Shelly Yapp/Executive Director/Pike Place Market Preservation Development and Authority

Artist Aki Sogabe's Mural: "Song of the Earth" Text/Panel Mural jpg 567 kb

Historical Commission Meeting Photos- April 22, 1998.   photos by Akio Yanagihara.


Aki Sogabe

Beth Takekawa

Ed Suguro

Historical Commission Discussion

Robert Shinbo

Ronald Magden Ph.D

Janice Yee

   Location of Artwork

AAA Cover of Market (photo by Dale Berman)

Market 1 jpg 144 kg (photo by Patrik Dylan)

Market2.jpg jpg 185 kb (photo by Patrik Dylan)

Market 3.jpg 175 kb (photo by Robert Shinbo)

Market 4.jpg jpg 165 kb (photo by Robert Shinbo)

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