Seattle, WA 98119



Tom Quackenbush

Pike Place market Historical Comm. Coordinator

City of Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods

Urban Conservation Div.

7003rd Ave.

Seattle, WA 98104

March25, 1998

Dear Mr. Quackenbush,

I am writing in support of the proposed of a piece of artwork commemorating the Japanese

American farmers whose activities prior to World War II helped to build and boost Pike Place

Market to such an important part of Seattle history. This is such a vital part of the story of Pike

Place Market and it is in danger of being forgotten and unappreciated.

Because this area is so near and dear to the hearts of the residents of the Northwest, it is fitting that some symbol from it's past be prominently displayed for all visitors to see and to get an understanding of events that happened which so affected the market.

I would urge your support for this project and to assist in the placement of such artwork within the market district This would enhance and deepen the sense of the market's place in the life of Seattle and the Northwest As the city grows and prospers, it's roots should not get lost in all of the development that continues to obliterate the past.