November 22, 1996

Janice Yee

Seattle Chapter, Japanese-American Citizen League PO Box 18558 Seattle,WA 98118:

Dear Janice

I was happy to hear of your plans to honor the tremendous impact of Japanese-American farmers on our region and our beloved Pike Place Market. Please know that the Market Foundation-will work with you in your efforts to realize your idea in the current Market historical district.

Coincidently, we are also working on development of a Market Interpretive Center filled with such features as: kiosks with short history videos; interactive displays regarding the Market's presert\ vation, design, farmers and mix of commercial and residential tenants; relics; maps; and (hopefully) a Market model.

As we each get further along, I expect we'll be working together more closely.


Marlys Erickson

Executive Director

Pike Place Market

85 Pike Street, Room 500

Seattle, Washington 98101

(206) 682-7453


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Care for the Market

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