Mr. Paul Dunn, Chair

Pike Place Market Historical Commission

700 Third Ave., 4th Ploor

Seattle, WA 98104

April 15, 1998

Dear Mr. Dunn,

I am writing this letter to support installation of the murals by local artist Aki Sogabe recognizing the history of Japanese American farmers at Pike Place Market prior to World War II. The site selected by the cornmunity advisory board in collaboration with the artist will pay proper respect to the contributions of the Japanese Arnerican farmers without detracting from the character of the Market.

Because Aki's work was used by the Pike Place Market to celebrate a past anniversary, I am confident that these murals will capture the spirit of the market as embodied by the various people who have made their living there over the years.

Until I heard about this project, I did not know that two-thirds of the farmers prior to World War II were of Japanese descent and that it declined because of the internment of Japanese Americans. It's an important part of Seattle's history that would enrich the experience of the Market for local visitors and tourists, as well as teach the public about an important event in American

Please honor the request to present the proposed murals on the ceiling beam behind the Pike Street entrance to the Market. I am proud of the Market as a living historical landmark and believe the murals will enhance the vibrant and diverse character of the Pike Place Market community.

Sincerely yours,

Rachael McClinton

Artistic Director

Living Voices