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April 22, 1998

Mr. Paul Dunn, Chair

Pike Place Market Historical Commission

700 Third Avenue, Fourth Floor

Seattle, WA 98104

Dear Mr. Dunn:

On behalf of the members of the Pacific Northwest District of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), I would like to express to members of the Commission, our enthusiastic support of the proposed installation of murals designed by Aki Sogabe. Many of our members have had the opportunity to view the proposed artwork which commemorates the history of Japanese American farmers at the Pike Place Market prior to World War II and are extremely pleased that the Commission has agreed to consider its installation. We believe the site and artwork selected by the community advisory board will greatly enhance the character, richness, diversity and historic significance of the Market.

Many from our region are unaware of the key role and contributions of the Japanese American farmers in the development and history of the Pike Place Market during the period prior to their evacuation and internment in American concentration camps during World War II. Their story is an integral part of Seattle's history. The murals will provide a positive educational vehicle that we believe will not only enrich the experience of local patrons, but also for thousands of tourists which visit the Market as well. In addition, the ceiling beam behind the Pike Street entrance to the Market is a highly desirable location which further acknowledges and affirms the significance of this particular period of the Markets' history.

The Pike Place Market is a vibrant and extraordinary historical landmark and we believe that the murals will greatly enhance its diverse character. We hope that you will agree that the historical depiction of the Japanese American farmers is an important part of Seattle's history, and that of the Market, and will vote in favor of the installation of the murals at the proposed site.


Karen Yoshitomi Regional Director, Japanese American Citizens League

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