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Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Mr. Paul Dunn, Chair

Pike Place Market Historical Commission

700 Third Avenue, 4th Floor

Seattle, WA 98104

Dear Mr. Dunn:

I am writing to lend my strong support to the installation of murals by Aki Sogabe recognizing the history of Japanese American farmers at Pike Place Market prior to World War II.

I am among a large number of members of our community who did not realize until recently the magnitude and importance of the contributions of Japanese American farmers in the history of Pike Place Market. I was amazed to learn that prior to WWII, two-thirds of the farmers at the Market were of Japanese ancestry and that this figure subsequently declined because of the war-time internment of Japanese Americans.

This all suggests to me that there are important reasons to recognize the history of Japanese Americans at the Market and to educate our community about it. It is an important part of our history as a community, and its recognition through a prominent art work would further contribute to the richness of the experience tourists encounter during their visit to the Market.

For all these reasons, I strongly support the recommendation by the community advisory board and hope you will agree to installing the proposed murals by Aki Sogabe on the ceiling beam behind the Pike Street entrance to the Market. For me personally as well as for most of my friends and acquaintances, the Pike Place Market is a treasures we value highiy. Tne proposed murals will only enhance it further to the benefit of all.

Karl L. Hutterer



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