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April 17, 1998

Mr. Paul Dunn, Chair

Pike Place Market Historical Commission

700 Third Avenue, 4th Floor

Seattle, WA 98104

Estimado Sr. Dunn,

It has come to my attention that the Pike Place Market has been afforded the opportunity to display the murals of one of our outstanding local artists, Aki Sogabe. I sincerely urge you to take full advantage of this tremendous opportunity. Not only will you have a priceless work of art, but just as importantly, a historical and educational tool.

Seattle and the Pike Place Market are renown for our multicultural and ethnic diversity. The murals can help promote awareness, acceptance and understanding in our already flourishing community.

This is truly a worthy project and a chance for Seattle to support and take advantage of our local talent. I hope you will agree that Aki Sogabe's murals would be an asset and would enhance the beauty and the character of the Pike Place Market.


Roberto Maestas

Executive Director


2524 16th Avenue South, Seattle, WA. 98144 / (206) 329-9442 / FAX: 726-1529