Japanese-American Farmers

At The Pike Place Market:

Seattle Washington USA

A Public Artwork Project

logo by artist Mits Katayama

logo by Mits Katayama

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Market Scene

Artist-Aki Sogabe

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Winsor Graphics : Porcelain Panels Production

  • Dedication: Feb. 1999. Join us in celebrating the contributions of the Japanese American farmers in the Pike Place Market with the unveiling of "Song of the Earth", a mural by artist, Aki Sogabe. Day of Rememberance: Friday, February 19, 1999@12:00 noon@Entrance of the Main Arcade at the Pike Place Market. Special appearances by: Jeffrey Hattori, the Nisei Veterans, Seattle Kokon Taiko,Seattle City Councilmember Martha Choe, Paul Dunn (Pike Place Market Historic Commission Chair), Mary Furuta (former farmer), and Janice Yee (1998 Seattle JACL President and project co-chair)
  • Start Project(contingent on funding/approval  from the Historical Commission of the Pike Place Market)July 1998
  • The Pike Place Market Historical Commission approved "Public Art in the Pike Place Market" on April, 22, 1998 by a unanimous vote.
  • The Design Committee of the Historical Commission voted 3 out of 3 to approve the design of the mural by artist Aki Sogabe on April 21, 1998.
  • Finalist chosen, March 1998 : The selection committee chose artist Aki Sogabe as the finalist. She will create the artwork to commemorate the Japanese American farmers at the Pike Place Market.
  • Semifinalists present proposals: January 1998 .The selection committee reviewed the artist entries and chose three semifinalists. In alphabetical order, they are:
  • Semifinalists notified: December 1997
  • Deadline for artist entries: postmarked November 26, 1997

    Mits Katayama, Grafikat, Seattle, WA, USA produced the "Call For Artist" tel 206.625-6946.

    Winsor Graphics of Olympia WA, will produce the porcelain enamel panels for this project.    Location: 312 Columbia Street NW,Olympia, Washingtion USA 98501. tel 360 786 8200. fax 360 786 6631.

    Yoshiko "Yoshi" T. Tsuji, Y & COMPANY will produce the brochure for the mural. Location: 5318 26th Ave. South, Seattle Washingtion 98108 USA.   tel 206 723 9935 email yt@seanet.com

    For information about the pikeart project, please call  Janice Yee or Jill Beppu 206.528-7488 or email janiceyee@aol.com or jbeppu@jps.net