Japanese-American Farmers

At The Pike Place Market:

Seattle Washington USA

A Public Artwork Project

logo by artist Mits Katayama

logo by Mits Katayama

Project Overview

The Market




Market Scene

Artist-Aki Sogabe

Support Material

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Winsor Graphics : Porcelain Panels Production

  Funding for this project is provided in part by:
  • Civil Liberties Public Education Fund (CLPEF)
  • Seattle Chapter Japanese American Citizens League -  Legacy and Inouye Funds.
  • National Japanese American Citizen League - Legacy Fund
  • King County Special Projects Grant
  • The Seattle Foundation
  • City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Matching Funds
  • Private Individuals

we are still accepting donations. please call Janice Yee voicemail: 206.621-7880 or Jill Beppu 206.528-7488 for more information. or just mail your checks  : payable to  the Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter,  and note that it is for "Public Art in the Pike Place Market", pop it in the mailbx: JACL- Seattle Chptr. , POB 18558, Seattle, WA 98118-558. thanks for your help.